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Relativity for dummies

Relativity for dummies

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In , Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity, which explains how to interpret motion between different inertial frames of reference — that is. Say Einstein, and most of us think a) cheeky oldster with wild white hair, sticking out his tongue and b) either E = mc2, or the theory of relativity. Relativity on Physics For Idiots | What's it all about? Speed. More precisely a very specific speed. Even more precisely ms-1, the speed of light.

The Theory of Relativity for Dummies. Most people think it was Einstein who, in the first decade of the twentieth century, came up with the theory of relativity – as . It has been years since the publication of his General Theory of Relativity, which revolutionised our understanding of the cosmos. Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted that the space-time around Earth would be not only warped but also twisted by the planet's.

Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity celebrates its th anniversary in See the basic facts of Einstein's relativity in our. Special Relativity For Dummies! Adam Auton. Classical Relativity. 1,, ms- 1. 1,, ms How fast is Spaceship A approaching Spaceship B?.