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Prototype 2 final boss save

Prototype 2 final boss save

Name: Prototype 2 final boss save

File size: 381mb

Language: English

Rating: 3/10



In first part he uses Blades, in the second one he uses Whipfist and in the last he uses Hammerfist. You can't use the same power as a boss in particular part of. The Last Level (life and all abilities to the maximum). Installation: C:\Users\%user -name%\Documents\ACTIVISION\Prototype 2. Download save. Also, you can. Prototype 2 Hard Mode, Last Mission. Load Save travel to Mission Contact and kill Mercer. Heller upgraded To max with all Mutations to make it easy.

However, in Prototype 2, he has become the villain, starting an infection to all of New . So in the final battle he let Heller absorb him so Alex could channel´╗┐ both his and He decides that he will 'save' humanity, ushering it into a new age of. Hi Evry one this my Save prototype 2 run To Mission (M) last boss on Hard Diffculty No Pass No problem Thnx or not I hope halp Evry one her.